John Lloyd Wright in Northwest Indiana

Frank Lloyd Wright’s son, John, became a famous architect in his own “right”, but few people know that after his father’s tutelage, the younger Wright had his start in Northwest Indiana. As part of the federal National Register of Historic Places program, research documents related to broader contextual themes are required at times to underscore the significance of a group of buildings or resources. These are called “multiple properties documentation forms”.

Project Details

Service National Register of Historic Places

Location Northwest Indiana

Such a research document on John Lloyd Wright’s work was completed by KW Garner at the request of a non-profit organization centered out of Northwest Indiana. The research carefully documented and recorded extant work by JLW during his time in Indiana from the 1920s-1940s, the time of his relocation to California, and resulted in four individual property nominations of his work. The document is one of five such multiple properties documentation forms by KW Garner, ranging in topics from the Early Community Mausoleum Movement in Indiana to Historic Resources of the Lincoln Highway in Indiana.

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